Steadways Limited is an independent commercial finance brokerage, established in 2011, owned and operated by Guy Stead. The company trades from premise near Arundel, West Sussex.

Whilst based in West Sussex, we have many clients outside the local area. Most importantly we can engage lenders anywhere in the UK, so they need not be local to us, to benefit from our services.

Our work is simple, we introduce suitable lenders for our clients funding needs. Often these will fall into two main types; 1) Revolving or trading facilities and 2) Structured debt such as asset finance or business loans.

Our clients are mainly private companies, owner managed, Small Medium Enterprises, where cash is king and is required to maintain a successful business. Our clients range from start up to £20 million in annual sales revenue / turnover size.

To help a client company, we begin with a short fact finding stage, to understand the current position so that suitable providers can be introduced. In most cases the lender will then deal with the client company directly. In all cases we seek to minimize the work and time in finding a suitable provider for the funding needs. This is where we provide the value, by knowing the varying criteria and lending terms of the lenders, since they all differ and some considerably.

In most cases, we are paid a finder’s fee, by the lender and therefore do not need to charge the client company. When a lender that we have introduced, secures new business, that success results in Steadways Limited being paid a finder’s fee, in most cases from their profits. That way our clients are happy with their new facility, the lender wins a new client and we get paid a fee.

In addition, since we work with a number of lenders throughout the year and place a lot of new business, we have established a strength and built our buying power so our rates will be more competitive that if you approached the same lender directly.

Our service is to provide a professional and individual solution that will remove a lot of the work and time in identifying the right lender for your business. Our service is FREE to the client company and is based on our past experience and knowledge of the market. The more success we have the better our services become.

We have already helped many clients in many different sectors and a very wide range of solutions. Please review our blogs for case studies.

To start, we need to gain an understanding of your company and identify the key issues that will make a new facility successful. It sounds simple and it can be, in the right hands.

Our services are usually FOC (Free of charge), there is no fee for a chat. The introductions made are impartial and based on a best fit basis with a lenders terms. Steadways is not retained by any one or multiple of lenders. 

We are in this business with the long term goal in mind, serving clients by introducing solutions for their funding needs. If there’s a lender out there that will suit your company, we will find them and engage them; that’s our service.

Guy Stead is the principle Director of Steadways Limited. He started his career in financial services in 1986 and has worked with five employers, as a lender, including a high street bank, independent invoice finance company and two multinational US Corporate organizations, prior to becoming a broker in 2007.

Whilst Guy has made his career from Sales, his experience in the corporate workplace has included General and Senior Management, Credit & Risk, Client Management, Client Services, Turnaround both formal and informal, Sales Management, Team Building and Marketing.