It’s simple, we are effective at what we do. We are independent and therefore consider the entire market for you, rather than you trying to find the right, single, lender for your circumstances and your company. When dealing with lenders, we generally deal with the decision makers, providing you with the comfort of knowing we will deliver, otherwise we will not get paid.

If a client company has some assets that are available or two years of positive trading history, we are confident a solution can be found. For a start-up company with no assets, it is very difficult, but worth discussing your specific requirements.

Normally there is no cost to engage Steadways Limited. The fees payable are made by our lenders upon successful completion of the deal and all of our lenders pay similar rates, ensuring we deliver the right deal to you.

As quickly as is possible is the short answer, sometime only a few days. It mainly depends on the complexity of the company, the funding requirements and size of facilities. In most cases we can complete facilities quicker thank banks and as quickly as anybody else in the market place, as our line of communication are often with the with a decision maker.

No, Steadways Limited is not regulated by any party or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company only assists with loans and credit facilities that are not regulated by the FCA or Consumer Credit Act (CCA). If you consider any reference to be in regards to a regulated product then this is done solely for information only and provided without responsibility or liability.

Our clients include start-up companies that have not yet traded and need funding, through to very well established long standing companies. There is no minimum.

This will vary depending on the type of funding solution chosen. We have one off funding solutions that finance a single transaction and therefore no contract term. We use Invoice Financing for a number of our clients, which usually comes with a 12 month minimum period and a notice period of 3, making it effectively a 15 month agreement. While ABL (Asset Based Lenders) will seek longer term agreements to coincide with the terms loans or property finance that might be three, five or even seven years.

Again it is very likely in the current climate that you will need to provide some form of personal commitment for new finance. Guarantees come in various forms and cover different events and risks to the lenders. We can help explain the differences in each case, as required.